I can only say that from the beginning I'm disappointed – or maybe actually sad – that instead of focusing on a way to hide/exclude non-free software from Flathub, Fedora has chosen to directly compete with Flathub.


@barthalion Why would introducing an alternative to Flathub be considered to be a competition? Its not on many levels

@vrutkovs Hard not to see it as competition with a table like this: fedoraproject.org/wiki/Flatpak

Why Fedora user should choose to use Flathub, when number of applications, even if maintained there by authors themselves, is also available in "official" repositories?

It's just duplicated work, even if it's built with different tools.


@barthalion Also, a different way to build and distribute software just shows how Flatpak is flexible and other orgs may reuse it if they have deb/rpm packages - and would like to use OCI registry to distribute their software instead of using a web server with files

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