@ondra I bet its not on-demand food delivery, but "just grabbing a few snacks from my fridge to a friend I've met on the internet" to avoid taxes

@sesivany Have you tried SailfishOS? There is a chance you'd be able to install it easily on recent Xperias

@bugaevc когда пытаешся удалить мертвый код, но это ломает тесты, затем коллега попадается в ту же ловушку

@lkundrak @jwildeboer the country may join later, but wouldn't too many lives be destroyed by this decision?

I need some excitement in my life. It's boring.

— Domas Mafolirtir, manager

@lkundrak Its false and defamatory to suggest Julian Assange to fix these stupid flaking tests, I mean, these three PRs should have helped already, right?

Me during Thanksgiving

RT @it_was_inevitable_slow: I saw a human tell the story of the devouring of a turkey hen of The Band of Fliers by the goblin Ngokang Rampartmenace the Incineration of Jungles in Rightsangels in the early summer of 107 at The Ponderous Dates. No, I'm not interested.

— Rigòth Kulinmûthkat, hammerer

@mcepl @vrutkovs I really want this to remain as a rumour, but this really stabs in the back

This time New Year Resolution is weird - I want to be able to visit Belarus consul in Prague instead of Russian one in Brno if rumours are true. The rest I can fucking manage on my own

it wasn't some stupid Star Wars city, I was trying to catch a sky fish, as seen on Doctor Who's Christmas Carol episode. Please excuse the incompetence of my humans. Certainly not yours, as I am my own's, Pancake the Cat

@Bzdata Budapest is incredible, should be fairy close to Vienna

Folks who decided to start a Youtube party this holiday are regretting it, cause I'm putting t.co/e8fAQ5tFc4 on repeat

@barthalion in the end, yes, its just people. Some might trust Fedora more - the package spec is well-tested - some might rely on Flathub's expertise. I don't see a competition here.

OCI indeed is a wild wild west here, lets see if that would be the preferred way after some proper testing

@barthalion Also, a different way to build and distribute software just shows how Flatpak is flexible and other orgs may reuse it if they have deb/rpm packages - and would like to use OCI registry to distribute their software instead of using a web server with files

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