@barthalion in the end, yes, its just people. Some might trust Fedora more - the package spec is well-tested - some might rely on Flathub's expertise. I don't see a competition here.

OCI indeed is a wild wild west here, lets see if that would be the preferred way after some proper testing

@barthalion Also, a different way to build and distribute software just shows how Flatpak is flexible and other orgs may reuse it if they have deb/rpm packages - and would like to use OCI registry to distribute their software instead of using a web server with files

@barthalion Fedora would re-use the RPM packages from is repo, so the content in the Fedora's flatpak repo would be curated and supported by Fedora maintainers - not random folks from Flathub repo with no obligations. This isn't meant to be an offence, but addresses a rather common issue with Flathub's structure - "who's responsible for updates, reviews and fixing issues there"?

@barthalion Why would introducing an alternative to Flathub be considered to be a competition? Its not on many levels

Its nice to look back sometimes and be reminded of a great job you've done over these years - and get energized for some more.

@lkundrak @ignatenkobrain mastodon won't let me star this twice - for NM feature and for the network name

@Lyude this my favourite election type where you can pick 'all of the above' option, just like ice cream type

Hashtags on your own instance are finally making sense, since these are now from the people you follow, not some popular nonsense

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@Lyude it definitely does. A lot of folks showed up in red fedoras in the office today

Don't really know what Red Hat acquisition means globally, but it sure is a terrible news for Brno office

Updated all my home machines to F29. Since its just 2 Atomic Hosts and 2 Silverblue it was fairly easy!

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