I need some excitement in my life. It's boring.

— Domas Mafolirtir, manager

Me during Thanksgiving

RT @it_was_inevitable_slow: I saw a human tell the story of the devouring of a turkey hen of The Band of Fliers by the goblin Ngokang Rampartmenace the Incineration of Jungles in Rightsangels in the early summer of 107 at The Ponderous Dates. No, I'm not interested.

— Rigòth Kulinmûthkat, hammerer

This time New Year Resolution is weird - I want to be able to visit Belarus consul in Prague instead of Russian one in Brno if rumours are true. The rest I can fucking manage on my own

it wasn't some stupid Star Wars city, I was trying to catch a sky fish, as seen on Doctor Who's Christmas Carol episode. Please excuse the incompetence of my humans. Certainly not yours, as I am my own's, Pancake the Cat

Folks who decided to start a Youtube party this holiday are regretting it, cause I'm putting t.co/e8fAQ5tFc4 on repeat

Its nice to look back sometimes and be reminded of a great job you've done over these years - and get energized for some more.

Hashtags on your own instance are finally making sense, since these are now from the people you follow, not some popular nonsense

Don't really know what Red Hat acquisition means globally, but it sure is a terrible news for Brno office

Updated all my home machines to F29. Since its just 2 Atomic Hosts and 2 Silverblue it was fairly easy!

My average days basically
RT @it_was_inevitable_slow: I was near to a Container. It pleases me.

— Rith èrithenkos, bookkeeper

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